Why Should I Have A Living Trust?

/ By: Jacquelynn Capriano

Category: Trusts

During the creation of your estate plan you will need to make numerous choices, starting with what tools and strategies you plan to incorporate into your plan. One common addition to a comprehensive estate plan...

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What Is a QTIP Trust?

/ By: Charlie Amen

Category: Estate Planning

The most common goal of an estate plan is to provide for loved ones in the event of the death of the plan creator. Providing for loved ones is not as simple as gifting assets...

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Do I Work with You Or a Paralegal?

/ By: Paul Gantner

Category: Uncategorized

Unless you have had a reason to work closely with an attorney during your lifetime you are likely unfamiliar with the customs and procedures typically used by a law office. This can lead to concern...

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