What Is a Third Party Special Needs Trust?

/ By: Jacquelynn Capriano

Category: Trusts

If you have a special needs child, or other family member, you already know that the costs associated with caring for a special needs individual can be extraordinary. Fortunately, there are federal assistance programs that...

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How Does a Power of Attorney Terminate?

/ By: Paul Gantner

Category: Uncategorized

A power of attorney is an incredibly flexible and potentially useful estate planning tool. Understanding what one is, how it works, and how one terminates may help you decide whether including a power of attorney in your...

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What Are Capital Gains Taxes?

/ By: Charlie Amen

Category: Estate Taxes

When you sit down to create your estate plan you will likely be attempting to achieve a variety of goals all at the same time. Your primary goal will undoubtedly be creating a roadmap for...

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Understanding Probate – The Basics

/ By: Jacquelynn Capriano

Category: Estate Planning

When a person dies, the assets that are left behind become part of the decedent’s estate. The law requires those assets to pass through what is known as “probate” before they can be legally transferred...

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